Hapag-Lloyd Cruise's Europa 2 Extends Stay in New York


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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Europa 2 in New York

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises' 5+ Star Europa 2 extended her stay in New York 2 additional days. The Europa 2 arrived in New York on Thursday and was scheduled to depart on Friday. It is believed the ship extended her stay in New York because of hurricane Matthew which is expected to impact a number of destinations on the Europa's itinerary. The extended stay would provide passengers additional time to explore the Big Apple, as well as, keep them away from the turbulent path of the storm.


The Europa 2 departed New York at 4:00 AM today (Sunday 10/2/2016) to vacate the pier for the Crystal Serenity which arrived around 5:30 AM from a New England / Canada cruise.


What is unique about the Europa 2's departure is the ship left Pier 88 in Manhattan at about 4:00 AM and headed north - up the Hudson River. The ship hovered in the River between  Harlem, New York and Fort Lee, New Jersey for a number of hours until about 9:00 AM, at which time the Europa 2 continued to sail North toward the George Washington Bridge. At the bridge, the ship turned around and headed South down the river, arriving at the Verrazano Narrow Bridge at approximately 11:00 AM before heading out to the open ocean.


The Europa 2 is next port of call will be Baltimore, MD and the current cruise is expected to end in Cozumel, Mexico



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