Crystal Cruise's Crystal Serenity - Sails Northwest Passage Cruise From Alaska to New York


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Crystal Cruises Crystal Serenity - Northwest Passage from Alaska to New York

Crystal Cruises, Crystal Serenity, is currently transiting the Northwest Passage from Alaska to New York around the top of Canada through the ice fields. Although the ice packs have not been as significant as in prior years, passengers are enjoying the cruise, the picturesque scenery and wildlife.

Passengers have seem polar bears and ice packs as the ship slowly sails forward. The ship also has an icebreaker escort to allow the Crystal Serenity to the make it though the toughest ice. The ship is well into a 32-day journey, which will conclude in New York City on September 16.

In addition, both the Coast Guard, Rescue and Military are using the ships visit as a reason to practice evacuation exercises and emergency preparedness.

This 32 day journey onboard this luxury cruise liner sold out in record time.

The popularity of the 2016 sailing has resulted in another Northwest Passage Sailing for 2017.


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